Enhanced Notices

Enhanced Privacy Notice
Effective January 1, 2014, first party websites are required under a ‘Transparency Princlple’ enhanced notice requirement to let our visitors, surfers, browsers, and members, etc. know when data regarding their browsing activities are being collected by third party advertisers or when a first party website such as this are transferring such data to any unrelated third parties for use in interest-based ads (ie. Online Interest-Based Advertising/Online Behavorial Advertising – OBA).  Accordingly, we wish to advise you of the following:

A)    Should any posts appear herein, we have no material connection to any of the brands, products, or services that may be mentioned.  No payment or other form of compensation is received in connection to any posts appearing herein.
B)    There are no ‘affiliate’ links contained in any of our material that might refer or recommend you to any outside products or services; therefore there is no affiliate commission derived.
C)     There are no ‘Review’ or ‘Sample’ copies of any products or services mentioned in any posts or blogs herein that involve any outside or unrelated products or services.  The only ‘Samples’ herein are sample (ie. actual) lessons for you to review as representative of the lessons and/or classes provided as a direct and integral part of our products and/or services.
D)   There are no ‘Sponsored’ posts provided by outside companies, either paid for or otherwise.
E)     There is no Third Party Advertising herein so there is no use of online behavorial tracking technology.  All of the information you provide is Private and Confidential and is Not shared or revealed to unrelated, outside sources – period.  Read our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions by clicking here .   Finally, we do not have on this website, nor use within the pages and/or posts of this website  ‘Web Beacons’, also known as clear GIFs or single-pixel GIFs.

This document was last updated on January 2, 2014